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BeagleBone Black Users Manual

FDI introduced ELI® as a solution to the common customer problems of adding an LCD interface to computing platforms such as the BeagleBone Black. ELI is designed, manufactured and tested here in the US, by FDI’s skilled production team, and every unit is fully supported by our US based team of engineers and technical specialists. Our ELI units are plug-and-play so they work “right out of the box” with the BeagleBone Black system.

If there are any questions that are not handled in these wiki pages, feel free to email us at

1) Contents of our Users Manual

  1. This Page: A few basic tips for connecting the BeagleBone Black to your ELI Unit.
  2. Page 2: The ELI BBB Demo Software.
  3. Page 3: Helpful tips and tricks with the BeagleBone Black.
  4. Page 4: Our troubleshooting resource for common issues that can creep up.

2) Users Manual Downloadable

We also have a downloadable users manual listed here. This guide is updated on a regular basis to go along with the wiki.

3) Cables and Connections Requirements

All ELI systems have been tested using the following setup including the BeagleBone Black with the AM335x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

  1. 12VDC +/- 5% 2A Power Supply to power the ELI
  2. (1) HDMI Cables Type A Male to Type D Male (Full size to Micro) Example PN: Molex PN: 0687860003, Digi-Key PN: WM1283-ND
  3. (2) USB Cables, Mini-B to Full Size-A, one for the BeagleBone Black Power and one for the USB Touch from the ELI to the BeagleBone Black NOTE: An optional AC to USB adapter may be used to power the BeagleBone Black in cases where you need more power to the SBC, such as this: PSA05F or the PSM03A. It is recommended for ease of debug to use the USB from the computer.
  4. (1) 4GB Micro SD Card for transferring the OS to the BeagleBone Black (must be no larger than 4GB, minimum 2GB) NOTE: The ELI Demo Image is formatted for a 4gb flash card, and will not work for any other card.
  5. If you would like to use your own desktop as a console, download the BeagleBone Black USB network drivers here: USB Network Drivers.
  6. The Beaglebone Black works out of the box with our ELI boards. However if you would like to see everything that the BeagleBone Black can do with ELI, we recommend you download the FDI BeagleBone Black Demo image, located Here.

4) Startup Procedure

The Beaglebone Black comes with a few important connectors and switches:

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Note: This demonstration is for the BeagleBone Black out fo the box with no changes to the eMMC internal storage. It will drive the ELI without any software changes, downloads, or modifications to a BeagleBone Black.

  1. Connect the HDMI and USB Cables from the BeagleBone Black to the ELI Board
  2. Power the ELI Board with with the 12VDC Power Supply
  3. Connect the USB Cable from the BeagleBone Black Min-USB to the PC (Primary used for power)
  4. The ELI Screen should turn on showing the BeagleBone Black boot sequence. If this is your first time connecting the BBB to the ELI board, there will be a touch screen calibration screen that will pop up first. Tap the center of each crosshair as they come up with ether your finger or stylist. Once this is done the desktop for the BeagleBone Black should pop up.
  5. This confirms proper connectivity and the basic operation of your ELI and BBB. From here you can use some basic programs available on the BeagleBone Black.
  6. If there were any issues, check out our Trouble-shooting page listed here
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