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January 12, 2016

FDI Industry News Roundup – 01/08/2016


Once a week Future Designs, Inc. rounds up the news that got us talking. Here’s highlights for the week ending January 08, 2015:

  1. For all your Clark Kent’s out there: A group of Bostonian 20-something’s are working on technology that will use x-ray vision to engage smart devices.   (https://bit.ly/1QYcsN0) via Tech.mic
  2. A recent study projects cap touch devices to grow at 7% CAGR to 2019. But here’s the money making tidbits: Market growth will be primarily driven by smart devices (i.e. phones and tablets) and it’s mostly happening in the APAC regions. (https://bit.ly/1mowjYJ) via Whatech.com
  3. The folks at Mattel need a viewing of Ex Machina. The once cute idea for a unsecured wi-fi based Barbie that can engage human playmates is catching heat by critics and parents who just aren’t quite ready to have Barbie “Eavesdropping on a child’s heart and soul — and the most intimate things about [children’s] lives.”  (https://bit.ly/1OtHea4) via BigThink.com
  4. CES was this week and the big buzz is around Samsung’s new fridge. Complete with a 21.5” display, everyone’s excited for the next generation of food ordering/TV watching/smart appliance to catch on. (https://bit.ly/1YZMxJp) TheVerge.com
  5. Crank and Ineda got the memo about the role UI plays for successful IoT project deployment. So they teamed up to deliver developers with “state-of-the-art user interface solutions” that shorten overall development time. And while the joint product is expensive and targets primarily high-power enterprise-level solutions, Crank’s promo video for the new StoryBoard Creative Suite does a nice job explaining just why someone might want to ask for help. (https://bit.ly/1Zal2HT) via BusinessWire.com (Promotion Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0LO0FtbXvs)
  6. Germaphobes rejoice! Microchip Technology Inc. and SiS have teamed up to enter the multi–touch PCAP display market with their with 3D–gesture interface modules. They will market the gestures-HMI solutions as hygienic and easy to learn to while enhancing users’ safety. (https://bit.ly/1n74TqT) via MicroChip.com


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