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September 6, 2016

Future Designs, Inc. Releases μEZ® v2.08 for Increased Security and Additional Remote Monitoring Options

Huntsville, AL (September 06, 2016) – Future Designs, Inc. (FDI), a full service engineering design and production company, announced today the availability of μEZ® Version 2.08. μEZ is FDI’s open source rapid development platform based around the popular FreeRTOS ™ Operating System. The latest version of μEZ provides new and existing customers with additional security features, communication protocols, compiler support and remote monitoring options.

μEZ v2.08 Release Features:

  • Increased Security through wolfSSL Encryption: μEZ v2.08 now includes wolfSSL embedded SSL encryption source code to provide customers with the ability to encrypt data passing between any μEZ GUI device and its host. The wolfSSL is a small, fast and portable implementation of TLS/SSL for embedded devices to the cloud. The addition of this feature to FDI’s μEZ open source software promotes heightened safety and security of data transmission.
  • Additional Communication Protocols through Added Driver Support: The μEZ v2.08 release adds support for new drivers and communication protocols to further optimizes μEZ GUI devices for industrial, test and measurement, and healthcare applications . For example, μEZ now offers support for Modbus RTU in FreeModbus, a popular industrial communication protocol that provides direct communication between two devices. The μEZ library now also includes USBTMC, VNC Client and HTTP Client drivers to enable remote control of a μEZ GUI via test and measurement equipment running National Instruments LabView software, or via computer and server hosts.
  • Updated Support for Popular Compilers and GUI Development Tools: μEZ v2.08 includes updates to support the latest versions of IAR and Crossworks compilers.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi communications support: The GainSpan Wi-Fi driver was updated to use threading and interrupt driver inputs/outputs for greater and faster information processing capabilities.

μEZ v2.08 for UEZGUI-4357-50WVN

Release of μEZ v2.08 coincides with FDI’s addition of the NXP LPC4357 microcontroller-based 5.0” PCAP LCD GUI, UEZGUI-4357-50WVN to the μEZ GUI product family. All of the features and benefits of μEZ traditionally offered are now fully-functional and available for development and production applications for the UEZGUI-4357-50WVN. Customers interested in developing with the UEZGUI-4357-50WVN will benefit from the faster and smoother NXP LPC4357 microcontroller featuring an enhanced 5.0” display and GUI functions. Additionally, through the release of μEZ v2.08, the LPCUSBLib for LPC4357 and USB host support for USB to RS232/TTL serial FTDI ICs are now available for UEZGUI-4357-50WVN.

Download μEZ v2.08 here: https://www.teamfdi.com/downloaduez

Learn more about μEZ here: https://www.teamfdi.com/fdi-products#uez-development

Learn more about UEZGUI-4357-50WVN here: https://www.teamfdi.com/product-details/uezgui-4357-50wvn

About Future Designs, Inc.

Future Designs, Inc. is a full service design and production company that specializes in transforming “back-of-a-napkin” concepts into tangible product plans. FDI offers its customers hardware, software, mechanical, and system-level expertise and a 26-year history of proven success to provide any level of support from prototyping through high volume production. Our ELI®, μEZ® GUI and ΣyG™ product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces. FDI is committed to minimizing your time-to-market, reducing costs and eliminating your product-development headaches. More information on Future Designs, Inc. can be found at TeamFDI.com.

Contact for Future Designs, Inc.:

Kent Lowman
Future Designs, Inc.


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