I2C Developer’s Kit – PC-I2C-DEV

PC-I2C-DEV contains all of the tools necessary to access and control the PC-I²C hardware from a custom application.

Part #: PC-I2C-DEV

Status: End of Life - No longer available for purchase
Warranty: 1 Year (Extended available)

  • I2C Software Development Kit for Windows
  • Compatible with any Windows application using DLLs
  • Plugs into standard PC parallel port
  • Supports I2C voltages as low as 1.2V
  • MDIO clause 22 and 45 support
  • I2C cable included

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Notice: This product is EOL, see the support details for the PCN for more details.

PC-I2C-DEV contains all of the tools necessary to access and control the PC-I2C hardware from a custom application. PC-I2C-DEV can be used with Visual C/C++ or any other programming language that supports the use of DLLs. Note that PC-I2C-DEV was generated and tested using Microsoft Visual C/C++ 6.0, but there is no reason that it will not work in all Microsoft Windows software development environments.

Other environments that should work with PC-I2C-DEV include:

Borland C/C++
Microsoft Visual Studio
Any Programming software which utilizes DLLs
NOTE: Any applications programmed using PC-I2C-DEV are compatible with PC-I2C Rev B Boards only and will not run correctly with the older PC-I2C Rev 0 Boards.

  • Lets the user write programs to control PC-I2C directly
  • Includes software DLL for custom user applications
  • Supports 19-bit internal addressing for memory devices
  • Supports 16-bit words in both registers and memory.
  • Includes complete PC-I2C-KIT
Current Documentation

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