RX231 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit from Renesas – YWIRELESS-RX231

The Renesas RX231 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit (Part Number: YWIRELESS-RX231) provides a useful platform for evaluating IoT applications on the RX231 microcontroller

MSRP (Qty Volume): <$59.00

Status: Prototypes Available

  • Microcontroller based wi-fi connectivity kit
  • GT202 Wi-Fi Module with Qualcomm’s QCA4002 low-energy 802.11/a/b/g/n SoC
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Micrium Development Software for Smart Home enablement



The RX231 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit provides an easy-to-use platform for connection to the cloud and evaluating IoT solutions requiring Wi-Fi. the kit offers free connectivity to the Renesas IoT Sandbox and is powered by Medium One’s IoT Data Intelligence Platform. Included with the kit is Medium On’e Vibration Monitoring demo integrated with Intrinsic ID’s IoT Authentication Demo. Also included is a PMOD-mounted 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that makes it easy for users to configure the kit to stream real-time data to the cloud. The GT202 Wi-Fi module with Qualcomm’s QCA4002 low-energy 802.11a/b/g/n SoC assures best-in-class Wi-Fi connectivity. At the kit’s core is the RX200 Series Microcontroller, delivering industry leading technology from Renesas. This device is a hybrid MCU/DSP providing superb MCU performance, low power consumption and power signal-processing capabilities.

Quick Start Documentation
Quick Start Guide 
YWIRELESS-RX231 Kit Contents
  • 54MHz RX231 MCU board
  • GT202 Wi-Fi module with Qualcomm QCA4002 low-energy 802.11a/b/g/n SoC
  • PMOD-mounted 3-axis MEMS acceleromter
  • USB Type B connector for power and USB2.0 device interface (with cable)
  • 5V DC Power Jack
  • Arduino Shield Socket

What is the Smart Machine with Vibration Monitoring IoT Demo?

The Smart Machine with Vibration monitoring demo is pre-programmed on the board and demonstrates how easy it is to connect a device and sensor to the cloud. The kit shows how a vibration sensor attached to any machine like a regrigerator or a fan can send data to the Medium One cloud here it can be analyzed for vibration levels. Pre-built cloud-based workflows are provided allowing users to create rules and alerts based on the analytics. The kit can be configured and mounted on any machine without the need for any programming.

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Custom-board options with Future Designs, Inc.

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