Whether you need 1 or 1 MILLION, FDI meets your production requirements.

Our trusted products are 100% guaranteed.



Our uEZ® GUIΣyGTM and ELI® product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces.


UEZGUI-1788-70WVM-overlayYou depend on your suppliers during a production run. FDI guarantees production of our current products until 2030. Your job well done is a benchmark of our success.


UEZGUI-1788-70WVM-overlayWe take pride in our craftsmanship, so FDI dev kits are 100% guaranteed. Your components will work right the first time.


FDI μEZ GUI overview.

The Bootloader allows maximum customer flexibility by permitting the Application Specific Firmware to be updated remotely in the field or by the customer without the use of any special programming tools or devices. All that is needed is a common USB Flash Drive or SD Card with the necessary files from FDI.

Kent Lowman from FDI introduces the ELI70-CR, the initial 7.0″ offering in the ELI Family. ELI (Easy LCD Interface) is an off the shelf embedded touch screen LCD solution for use with your SBC like a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.

FDI’s 25th anniversary announcement.