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ELI, the Easy LCD Interface, is an off-the-shelf LCD touchscreen specifically designed for projects using single board computers such as Samsung Artik, Intel NUC, NXP i.MX6/7, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black.
EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) (No topics) BeagleBone Black (No topics) Raspberry Pi (1 topics) ELI43-CP (1 topics) ELI43-CR (1 topics) ELI70-CR (2 topics) ELI70-IPHW (No topics) ELI70-IRHW (1 topics) ELI70-INHW (No topics) ELI101-CPW (1 topics) ELI101-IPHW (No topics) ELI121-CRW (1 topics) Touchscreen Calibration (1 topics) Linux OS (1 topics) Embedded QT (1 topics)
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The Future Designs, Inc. ΣyG Family provides a complete and qualified platform for the rapid release of Renesas Synergy-based embedded touch screen display products. The core of ΣyG (pronounced, “Sig”) is Renesas Synergy – a comprehensive and integrated software-based microcontroller platform.
GUIX (No topics) ΣyG-SOM (No topics) ΣyG-70CP (No topics) ΣyG-70CR (No topics)
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μEZ GUI is an off-the-shelf touchscreen and graphic user interface (GUI) that adds a reliable touchscreen to a project without requiring extra processing power or extensive software development. The GUI is easy to install and customize with the μEZ / FreeRTOS open-source software.
UEZGUI-35CR-DK (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-43WQR (No topics) UEZGUI-35CR-BA (No topics) UEZGUI-35CP-BA (No topics) UEZGUI-35CP (No topics) UEZGUI-4357-50WVN (No topics) UEZGUI-4357-50WVN-BA (No topics) UEZGUI-4088-43WQH-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-43WQT (No topics) UEZGUI-43-H01 (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-43WQR-BA (No topics) uEZGUI-4088-43WQE (No topics) µEZGUI-4088-43WQH (No topics) µEZGUI-4088-43WQN (No topics) µEZGUI-4088-43WQN-BA (No topics) UEZGUI-4088-43WQE-BA (No topics) UEZGUI-RX62N-35QT-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-RX62N-35QT (No topics) µEZGUI-EXP-DK (No topics) µEZGUI-EXP-BRKOUT (No topics) µEZGUI-EXP1 (No topics) µEZGUI-2478-70WVE-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-2478-70WVE (No topics) µEZGUI-2478-43WQS-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-2478-43WQS (No topics) UEZGUI-1788-70WVT-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-70WVT (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-70WVE-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-70WVE (No topics) uEZGUI-1788-56VI-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-56VI (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-43WQS-BA (No topics) µEZGUI-1788-43WQS (No topics) UEZGUI-1788-70WVM-BA (1 topics) μEZGUI-1788-70WVM (2 topics) Q&A (11 topics) Software (41 topics)
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High speed solution for connecting IoT devices to the cloud.
IoT GW1 (No topics) IoT GW2 (No topics)
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Optimized to save time and designed for extensibility, FDI’s modular touchscreen development kits allow for rapid prototyping and evaluation. Comes equipped with µEZ® / FreeRTOS Rapid Software Development Platform and support documentation so you can get started right away, without a hitch or hiccup.
Q&A (17 topics) DK-35TS-LPC2478 (No topics) DK-43WQH-1788 (No topics) DK-43WQT-RX63N (No topics) DK-47WQT-RX62N (No topics) DK-57TS-LPC2478 (1 topics) DK-57TS-LPC3250 (4 topics) DK-57VTS-LPC1788 (No topics) DK-57VTS-LPC2478 (No topics) DK-57VTS-LPC3250 (No topics)
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All topics for products not listed in the other main categories.
Reference Design Kits (No topics) SOMDIMM (3 topics) In-Circuit Programmers (13 topics) Wireless Module (No topics) Demo Kits (2 topics) Derivative Boards (No topics) JTAG Adapters (No topics) I2C Devices (No topics) USB Devices (8 topics)
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All topics unrelated to any other category.
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