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January 15, 2016

FDI Industry News Roundup – 01/15/2016


Once a week Future Designs, Inc. rounds up the news that got us talking. Here’s highlights for the week ending January 15, 2015:

  1. Stop! Collaborate and listen. A key to the IoT is security and one author lays out why good design, i.e. form and function, means good security. (https://bit.ly/1ZfrW4b) via WindowsITPro.com
  2. Pick a partner, do-si-do. Renesas announced this week new developments to their IoT platform, Synergy,  including commercial release of the Synergy Software Platform (SSP) and the availability of production-ready software from its VSA (Verified Software Add-on) partner program. (https://bit.ly/231wiLn) via BusinessWire.com
  3. Avnet is about that IoT business. To prove it they’ve appointed industry vet Eric Williams to lead its global IoT strategy. Jot that one down for the Rolodex. (https://bit.ly/1JMxfRj) via BusinessWire.com


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