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Our experienced management team oversees day-to-day operations and strategic partnerships, while our engineering and production teams refine our products and manage individual client projects. We can react quickly to your timeline and allocate the right talent for your project.

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Top Management

Kent Lowman, President

Kent Lowman


Kent Lowman has 37 years of experience in the embedded design community. He has direct technical experience in hardware and software design as well as project and engineering management with one of the world’s top-five contract manufacturers.

Early in his career, Lowman worked for a top-10 international semiconductor company in roles ranging from field applications engineer to technical and strategic marketing. He was responsible for key partnerships with development tool vendors and major communication customers, and was active in helping develop some of the first high-volume surface-mount designs.

Lowman has a BS in Electrical Engineering and has published application notes and presented embedded design workshops internationally. He holds six U.S. patents for his design work. Lowman co-founded FDI in 1989.

Mark Hall, Director of Engineering

Mark Hall

Director of Engineering

Mark Hall has 36 years of technical experience in engineering and production management. He worked at one of the largest contract manufacturing companies in the world, and managed both the design and manufacturing groups at a major producer of PC motherboards and memory modules.

Before co-founding FDI, he founded the PC Group at Sanmina-SCI, which eventually produced about $4 billion per year in revenue. Hall has a BS in Electrical Engineering and is an experienced ISO 9001 manager. He is a recognized authority on hardware and systems design.

Todd DeBoer, Director of Software and Business Development

Todd DeBoer

Director of Engineering, Software and Business Development

Todd DeBoer has 40 years of technical and managerial experience, distinguishing himself as a creative thought leader and motivator.

Mr. DeBoer has experience working in engineering, marketing, sales, and management, allowing him to look at issues from a variety of perspectives. His strategies save partners time and money. He has managed projects as vast as $27M/year using cross-functional teams to simplify board development and complete builds in under a month. In 2013, Mr. DeBoer and his team were awarded a patent for a system that facilitates microcontroller communications between customized Windows applications and development tools.

Mr. DeBoer has a master’s and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering—with a focus on the embedded microcontroller side of robotics—from the University of Florida.

Tim Easterling, Manager of Manufacturing Process and Quality

Tim Easterling

Manufacturing Process and Quality Manager

Tim Easterling has 44 years of technical experience and 29 years of engineering and manufacturing management experience. He managed the CAD and PCB layout groups at a top-five contract manufacturing company and is a member of the IPC Designers Council and the Surface Mount Technology Association.

Easterling earned a professional manager certification from the National Management Association. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and is a recognized authority on PCB design and technology options.

Deen Rice, Operations Manager

Deen Rice

Operations Manager

Deen Rice has 33 years of experience in the electronics field and 28 years of experience in program management. Before joining FDI in 2001, she was the new product introduction manager for a $50M per year contract with Sun Microsystems.

Rice completed the ISO registration for contract review, customer returns, and production planning at a turnkey manufacturing facility. She is also a certified ISO 9001 internal auditor. Rice’s responsibilities include all accounting and HR functions, with a focus on continuous process improvement and special projects. She has an associate’s degree in accounting.

Christy McLemore, Manager Purchasing/Planning

Christy McLemore

Purchasing and Planning Manager

Christy McLemore has over 27 years of experience in electronics, production planning and purchasing.  She has been with FDI for 19 years; previously she worked as a purchaser and production planner at other local electronics companies, helping them earn ISO-9001 registration.  As purchasing and planning manager, McLemore maintains inventory control and ensures that products and services are delivered on time and on budget.