FDI Practices

General Practices

These general practices are used by Future Designs in all client matters unless otherwise specified.

FDI respects client confidentiality and will disclose technical information about a project only when instructed to do so by the client.

FDI adheres to the highest professional ethics and will not work on competing products or for competing firms at the same time. FDI will not introduce products that directly compete with an existing product of our clients.

FDI will normally quote an estimated project completion cost based on the hourly rates of the personnel required to successfully complete a client’s project. In some cases where the project can be well-defined and specified, FDI will quote fixed development costs.

FDI usually requires an advance payment or retainer of sufficient size to offset our start-up costs for a client project. This retainer will be applied against the client’s final bill and any excess funds remaining will be refunded.

FDI does not bill for normal routine business expenses such as telephone, copying, mailing and equipment use unless they become excessive.

FDI does bill for all items purchased on the client’s behalf at total cost plus a 15% fee for handling and overhead.

FDI requires that all travel expenses and other miscellaneous items necessary to support a client’s requirements are authorized in advance. These items will be billed at actual cost.

FDI will bill all out-of-town travel time at a flat daily travel rate regardless of hours actually worked and subject to a half day minimum.