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FDI Referral Fee for New Customers

To encourage the pursuit of new customers and business opportunities, FDI has adopted this simple written policy on the payment of referral fees. For new customers, FDI will pay a referral fee of 3% for the first year and 1% for additional years. Eligible parties include FDI business associates, reps, distributors, and friends.

The fine print:

  • A New Customer is defined as a customer that is not currently doing business with FDI or has never done business with FDI in the past. In those cases where FDI (or another FDI associate) has already engaged with the potential new customer the referral fee may be divided or reduced to reflect the actual level of participation.
  • To qualify for the referral fee the New Customer Referral Form must be submitted to FDI via email or in written form.
  • The initial referral fee will be paid when the first new customer invoice is drafted. Additional referral fee amounts will be paid annually within 31 days from the close of the calendar year.
  • The first year consists of the 12-month period immediately following the initial FDI invoice to the new customer. After the initial 12-months, the 1% fee will be paid for up to two (2) additional years. The referral fee payments will cover a total period of three (3) years or 36 months.
  • FDI employees, consultants and their family members are not eligible.

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