FDI News

May 18, 2016

FDI Distributor Rankings Reviewed and Revealed

If you’ve done business with FDI you’re likely to describe us as experienced and well-networked (at least that’s what you reported in our 2015 survey). We’re proud of that reputation because we value our partners as much as we value the FDI Team that’s earned us recognition as experts in the touch screen GUI field. That’s why the Global Purchasing’s 2016 Top Electronic Components Distributors report was so exciting for us to see! Four of FDI’s franchised distributors were represented in the 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th spots – with our “buy-sale” distributors also in 2nd and 4th.  It was awesome to see 6 of our valued partners grab spots on this list of Top 10 Global Electronics Distributors. As we say in the south: “Congratulations, Y’all!”

Although it is exciting to read about the success of our partners and the opportunities this could mean for FDI, other findings within the report brought new awareness to the importance of focus on key markets and technologies. We were  surprised to learn that even with billions in distributor sales, the electronics industry was assessed as relatively flat throughout the last decade. Yet analysts routinely claim that we are in the midst of an IoT-fueled tech revolution.

So what does this mean? Where is the gap? Answer: The gap is between these cutting-edge technologies driven by shifting user expectations and the know-how needed for their correct implementation. To close the gap, companies like FDI, who provide full-service engineering and design services, must be championed for their capabilities by industry analysts, partners and distributors alike.

FDI considers the success of its distributors as a prime opportunity to help close the gap and boost distributor sales while expanding our footprint in the industry. Our position as an expert Independent Design House (IDH) and Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for component partners including Renesas and NXP have proven time and time again to help customers meet their schedule, reduce time-to-market and stay within budget. These skills have earned us trust and loyalty among partners and customers as a valued US-based resource for getting the job done – no matter what.

We hope word continues to spread about the good work we’re doing for our customers and the time, money and hassle we’ve saved them along the way. We plan to continue educating our customers about our current capabilities and resources but we also need the help of our valued partners to connect us with project developers who need our technical resources to help bring their project plans to fruition.

Congratulations to our partners for their success in 2015. May this year continue to bring more profit and success to us all. Cheers!