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May 23, 2016

Future Designs, Inc. “Brightens Up” its ELI® Product Family with New High Bright, Brilliant Display 7.0” Product Series

Huntsville, AL (May 23, 2016) Future Designs, Inc. (FDI), a full service engineering design and production company, has expanded its ELI® or Easy LCD Interface Product Family to include an enhanced series of 7.0” display size products in capacitive, resistive and no touch options. The decision to add the products to the ELI catalog was based on the steady popularity of 7.0” displays for embedded graphical user interface (GUI) and human machine interface (HMI) applications. The high bright series offers an enhanced display with robust capabilities for outdoor, high-resolution and sunlight-readable applications. FDI’s standard 7.0” Resistive Touch Screen Module , the ELI70-CR, will continue to service  more cost sensitive commercial applications.

ELI70-INHW Front

7.0″ High Bright PCAP Touch Screen LCD Module for SBCs – ELI70-IPHW

About the ELI 7.0” High Bright Series:

FDI’s 7.0” High Bright series offers all the benefits traditionally provided by the ELI Product Family including plug & play functionality with popular single board computers such as Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Intel stick and NXP i.MX-based devices. Additionally,  each 7.0” high bright unit, available in resistive, capacitive or no-touch options, feature the following advantages:

  • High brightness up to 800 nits
  • High contrast ratio of 1000:1 provides a full, rich image;
  • IPS viewing angles of 85 degrees in each direction.
  • Automotive grade design with a wide operating temperature range optimized for applications where toughness and reliability are a necessity;
  • Rugged and reliable design reduces field failures and decreases the need for service calls, resulting in more money left in the customers’ pockets.

About ELI®:

ELI® is FDI’s family of long-life, plug-and-play embedded displays. All ELI products are compatible with a wide range of single board computers. FDI designed ELI as an embedded display option that requires minimal development time to help customers reach production quickly. Once a product is in production, FDI’s 10-15 year ELI product availability guarantee helps ensure production schedules without the risk of expensive or time consuming redesigns. More information about ELI is available at https://www.TeamFDI.com/ELI.

ELI is Plug-and-Play

Designing with ELI® makes LCD GUI or HMI upgrades to any product a breeze. ELI products require just three standard connections: An HDMI input, + a USB connection for touch, and 12VDC input power. ELI products leverage EDID technology to plug into any supported single board computer and automatically format to the correct resolution and picture size for the display. The product family offers options suitable for a variety of applications: ELI products come in a wide range of sizes (4.3” to 15.0”), brightness levels, and touch screen options (PCAP, Resistive or No-touch). All ELI products are easily interchangeable if design requirements change because they utilize the same three plug and play connections. FDI designs, tests and manufactures all of its ELI products in the USA and its experienced team of engineers and technical specialists provide full customer support.

About Future Designs, Inc.

Future Designs, Inc. is a full service design and production company that specializes in transforming “back-of-a-napkin” concepts into tangible product plans. FDI offers its customers hardware, software, mechanical, and system-level expertise and a 26-year history of proven success to provide any level of support from prototyping through high volume production. Our ELI®, uEZ® GUI and ΣyG™ product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces. FDI is committed to minimizing your time-to-market, reducing costs and eliminating your product-development headaches. More information on Future Designs, Inc. can be found at TeamFDI.com.

Contact for Future Designs, Inc.

Kent Lowman
Future Designs, Inc.