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January 26, 2016

Future Designs, Inc. Expands 4.3” uEZ GUI® Product Offering to Include Options for Enhanced Displays and Processing Capabilities

Huntsville, AL (January 26, 2016)— Future Designs, Inc. (FDI), a full service engineering design and production company, proudly announces the addition of three new 4.3” products to its uEZ® GUI product family: UEZGUI-4088-43WQH, UEZGUI-1788-43WQT and UEZGUI-4088-43WQE. The new products offer customers additional options, including enhanced processing capabilities and brighter displays, when selecting a 4.3″ graphical user interface for embedded designs.

“The 4.3” display continues to be the most popular size with our customers and serves as the de facto standard for many embedded applications,” Kent Lowman, President of FDI, explained. “Our new 4.3” uEZ GUI products offer customers additional options including enhanced processing capabilities, brighter displays and no touch variations for rugged environments. Customers will also benefit by selecting a uEZ GUI for embedded designs as their high-value, “off-the-shelf” nature alleviates development cost and streamlines the time-to-market.”

About µEZ® GUI:

The µEZ® GUI product family is FDI’s standalone microcontroller-based solution for the easy integration of modern human machine interfaces (HMI) into a variety of end applications. Each µEZ GUI product includes a display with supporting hardware and FDI’s open source µEZ / FreeRTOS software. µEZ GUI development kits include everything needed to begin a design including demo software, JTAG debugger, power supply, cables, microSD card and full documentation.  mEZ GUI production modules are available for completed designs as prototypes through high-volume production.

All uEZ GUI products are made for longevity and their miniature, self-contained design is well suited to be directly embedded into end products. FDI’s expertise and thoughtful approach to product design reduces initial engineering cost, time-to-market and the likelihood of future redesigns. FDI products are available “off-the-shelf” in development kit or production module form through any of FDI’s franchised distributors including Digi-Key, WPG America, Mouser and Avnet.

New Product Overview:

An overview of each unit offered is outlined in the 4.3” uEZ GUI Product Comparison Chart:

UEZ GUI 43 Comparison Chart

Suggested Applications:                

Primary benefits of the new UEZGUI-4088-43WQH and UEZGUI-4088-43WQE, in addition to the existing UEZGUI-4088-43WQN, include the high speed SPIFI Flash and Floating Point Unit capabilities of the NXP LPC4088 microcontroller. These enhanced processing capabilities should be considered for math-intensive applications including graphics processing at high speeds.

FDI recommends no-touch mEZ GUI products, including UEZGUI-4088-43WQE or UEZGUI-1788-43WQT, for customers desiring a color graphical information display for applications set in environmental conditions that preclude the use of a traditional resistive or capacitive touch screen. These options could be considered for any application requiring membrane key pads, rugged cap touch buttons or hot keys.

For a prepackaged GUI solution, FDI offers the UEZGUI-43-H01. This 4.3” resistive touch unit combines a UEZGUI-1788-43WQR-BA and a UEZGUI-EXP1 Expansion Board in a sturdy ABS plastic enclosure. This device is a perfect solution for wall-mounted applications.


About Future Designs, Inc.

Future Designs, Inc. is a full service design and production company that specializes in transforming “back-of-a-napkin” concepts into tangible product plans. FDI offers its customers hardware, software, mechanical, and system-level expertise and a 26-year history of proven success to provide any level of support from prototyping through high volume production. Our ELI®, uEZ® GUI and ΣyGTM product families for touch screen LCD graphical user interface and human machine interface applications are “off-the-shelf” solutions for quick and cost effective upgrades to user interfaces. FDI is committed to minimizing your time-to-market, reducing costs and eliminating your product-development headaches. More information on Future Designs, Inc. can be found at TeamFDI.com.


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