7.0″ Resistive Touch Screen LCD Module for SBCs – ELI70-CR

Easy LCD Interface (ELI) quickly adds a 7" WVGA LCD with Resistive Touch Screen and an intelligent control system to your Raspberry Pi, BBB or other single board computer (SBC).This is a cost effective commercial solution.

Part #: ELI70-CR
MSRP (Qty Volume): <$99.00

Status: In production
Production guaranteed: Until 2030
Warranty: 1 Year (Extended available)

  • Easy LCD Interface (ELI)
  • 7.0" 4-wire Resistive Touch Screen LCD with USB Device Interface
  • 280 cd/m2 Brightness and 500:1 Contrast Ratio (typical)
  • -20° to +70° C operating temperature range
  • Plug and Play interface to standard SBCs
  • HDMI or DVI Input with EDID Support
  • +12 Volt DC Input Power (±5% tolerance)

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ELI-logoELI offers users a family of simple plug and play display solutions for Single Board Computers (SBC) such as the popular Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black. ELI only needs an HDMI video input, a 12VDC power supply, and USB interface for the touch screen.

ELI takes the frustration out of embedding a touch screen display into your product. Desktop monitors aren’t well suited for embedded products and bare glass LCD’s present significant design challenges and schedule delays to typical customers. ELI provides an off-the-shelf solution with no NRE or development costs, and full support from our team of US based engineers or any of our franchised distributors. The ELI70-CR is a cost effective, commercial version, 7.0″ Wide VGA LCD Panel with 4-wire resistive touch screen with a USB Device Interface. The device uses EDID to be Plug and Play with standard SBC devices over an HDMI or DVI interface.

Quick Start Documentation
Quick Start Guide

VersionCost Effective Commercial Version
Display7.0" WVGA LCD Panel with LED Backlight
Touch Screen4-wire Resistive Touch Screen with USB Device Interface
InterfacePlug and Play to standard SBCs
Display Interface Input ModeHDMI / DVI
Power +12 Volt DC Input Power (±5% tolerance)
EDIDSupport for Automatic Screen Sizing
Screen Size (diagonal)7.0 inches
Display Technologya-Si TFT LCD
Resolution800 x 480 (WVGA)
Brightness280 nits (typ)
Contrast Ratio500 : 1 (typ)
Aspect RatioWide 16:9
Colors16.7M (24 bit)
Horizontal Viewing Angle70° L/R
Vertical Viewing Angle60° U / 70° D
Touch Screen4-wire Resistive
Touch Screen InterfaceUSB Device
Touch Panel Hardness>3H
Active Area154.08 (W) x 85.92 (H) mm
Response Time25ms (typ)
Display Backlight24 LED (8S x 3P)
Backlight Power Consumption1.55W (typ)
Operating Temperature-20° to 70° C
Storage Temperature-30° to 80° C
Input Voltage (VDC + 5%)Rev. <2.2: 5-12
Rev. >2.3: 5-24
Power Consumption400mA @ 12V (typ)
Outline Dimensions164.9 (W) x 100.0 (H)
Outline Depth22.6 (D) mm
Touch Panel Force100gF (max)
RoHS CompliantYes
Backlight Life20K hrs (typ)
Mounting#8 screws in 4 corners
Weight255 grams (est)
Current Documentation – Rev 2.5

Brochure for ELI70-CR Brochurepdf05/10/2016
Quick Start Guide for ELI70-CRQuick Start Guidepdf06/07/2018
ELI70-CR User's ManualHardware User's Manualpdf04/23/2018
ELI Software User's Manual
Software User's Manualpdf10/04/2018
ELI Family Input Voltage MatrixReference Guidepng05/22/2018
ELI70-CR 2D DrawingMechanical Modelpdf11/12/2014
3D & EASM Model Files (By Request Only)Mechanical Modelzip11/12/2014
ELI Part Numbers GuideReference Guidepdf01/05/2016
Raspberry Pi Configuration File for 7.0" ELI devicesConfiguration Filezip07/12/2016
ELI Launcher Configuration ManualUser's Manualpdf07/15/2016
Hirose DF13 Catalog
Reference Guidepdf10/01/2016
Blanking Screen During BootApplication Notepdf06/28/2018
AR1100 Calibration and Setup GuideApplication Notepdf8/10/2016
ELI Touch Screen Calibration in LinuxApplication Notepdf09/14/2018
ELI Touch Screen Calibration in Windows 7Application Notepdf05/17/2018
ELI Touch Screen Calibration in Windows 10Application Notepdf05/17/2018
ELI70-CR Product Change Notice Rev 2.5Product Change noticepdf7/31/2018
ELI70-CR Product Change Notice Rev 2.4Product Change noticepdf06/26/2017
ELI70-CR Product Change Notice Rev 2.3Product Change noticepdf06/23/2017
ELI70-CR Product Change Notice Rev 2.1Product Change noticepdf12/09/2015
FDI Software

Raspberry Pi Configuration File for 7.0" ELI devicesConfiguration Filezip09/11/2020
Raspberry Pi Disk ImageDisk Imageimg inside zip12/11/2019
ELI Software User's ManualUser's Manualpdf12/14/2016
ELI Touch Setup with the AR1100 UtilityVideo TutorialOnline10/06/2016
ELI Backlight Control Software for Raspberry PiSoftwarezip02/16/2018
ELI Backlight Control Software for Renesas Synergy S7G2Softwarezip04/10/2018

Recommended 3rd Party Software

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This is the basic Debian image straight from the Beagleboard.org website. No additional configuration is required. However, you may need a program such as 7zip to decompress the download file, since it is in a format more common to Linux than Windows.

This is a program that can uncompress many file formats. Necessary for the BeagleBone Black Debian Image.

Raspbian OS
This is the basic Raspbian image straight from the Raspberry Pi creators themselves. Some configuration is required, but we’ll help you with that. The configuration steps can be found in Section 7 of our Raspberry Pi User’s Manual.

Python Games
Many of these games made in Python work very well with ELI’s touch screen.


Once you’ve picked up your ELI, FDI is with you every step of the way. We offer support and documentation on our forums and support wiki.


Extended Display Identification Data, or EDID, is the data structure passed from a display screen to a device’s video source. Find out more about ELI and EDID here. .

Recommended Linux Packages Available Through apt-get

We recommend the following packages for your various entertainment and productivity needs:

  • MPlayer – This is a lightweight video player perfectly suited for your Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone Black needs. In the terminal type: sudo apt-get install mplayer
  • OMXPlayer – Another lightweight video player. If for any reason you dislike MPlayer, we recommend giving OMXPlayer a try. In the terminal type: sudo apt-get install omxplayer
  • Libre Office – A productivity suite containing a word processor, spreadsheet manager, presentation creator, and more of the expected office programs. In the terminal type: sudo apt-get install libreoffice

Support From FDI:

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