µEZ+ Bootloader

The µEZ+ Bootloader is perfect for upgrading your firmware in the field through mediums such as an SD card, USB flash drive, or even over a serial interfacesuch as Ethernet or USB.

The µEZ+ Bootloader is thoroughly tested and proven in multiple production units, so you can rest assured that your firmware updates will be flawless.

uezpThe µEZ+ Base Bootloader (BBL) resides in on-chip flash memory space and takes care of loading your application. It also searches external sources such as an SD card or USB drive for valid application updates. The BBL will instantly load the application at startup.

The Application Bootloader (ABL) contains the higher level intelligence needed to program both internal andexternal Flash memory and can be changed dynamically since it is loaded from local memory such as the SD card or USB flash drive when required.

The Bootloader is part of FDI’s µEZ+ product offering and as such is a licensed component that must be purchased from FDI and registered before use. Please consult the µEZ+ Software End User License Agreement for complete details.

uEZ+ Bootloader Brochure
uEZ+ Bootloader Presentation
uEZ+ Bootloader User’s Manual
uEZ+ SW End User License Agreement